PiMON’s acoustic fibre optic based monitoring system, PMS2500-vibrO, utilizes distributed fibre optical sensing technology. PMS2500-vibrO combines an optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR) with an analysis and pattern recognition software and offers a customized interface with GIS mapping.

PMS2500-vibrO permits the cost-effective, remote monitoring of up to 50 km with one measuring unit using a standard single mode telecommunication fibre optic cable. Our system offers fast and accurate intrusion and sound measurements. By linking multiple units, you can cover hundreds or even thousands of kilometres of Pipelines, rail tracks and other critical infrastructure.



High quality monitoring performance

  • Monitoring of up to 50 km of pipeline ( 25 km in each direction ) adaptable to the actually required length
  • Differentiate multiple events down to 5 -15 metreresolution
  • Identify threats in real time in order to reduce or prevent the risk of leakages caused by digging, drilling, tapping, sabotage etc.

Customized system

  • Automatic measurement settings guarantee top performance
  • Self-adjusting configurations to meet different environment conditions
  • Robust optical system supports different environmental conditions
  • Customer-oriented graphical interface, easy to understand and to use

Advanced measurement database and data analysis

  • Advanced data storage, interpretation and analysis
  • Identify real threats and avoid false or irrelevant alarms through event recognition with accurate GIS location
  • Separate storage of data for further use
  • Full remote control capabilities

Easy installation and cost effective technology

  • Using a standard single-mode telecommunication fibre
  • Low maintenance and remote confi guration of the interrogator system
  • Can be installed during ongoing pipeline operation and operates largely in automated mode

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