How can you prevent damage to health and the environment? Are you interested in saving money?

Oil, gas, water and product pipelines form a critical network all over the world. Monitoring them in order to keep them safe from damages is a major challenge. The long distances, often through remote and hostile territory, make the costs of most conventional monitoring methods prohibitive. Pipelines are susceptible to various types of third-party interference such as deliberate acts (illegal tapping, sabotage) or unintended disruption (construction work, farming). Furthermore pipelines are also susceptible to earthquakes, tsunamis and to any other geohazard incidents. When such events occur, it is imperative that their location is precisely and quickly located so that appropriate and effective countermeasures can be initiated.

PiMON’s fibre optic based monitoring systems meet these requirements. On a real time basis our monitoring solutions are designed to:

  • Prevent pipeline damages or leaks caused by construction work, farming, illegal tapping, sabotage etc.
  • Protect critical assets from third-party interference.

PiMON’s technology can be used for

Further applications, e.g. rail track monitoring, temperature monitoring of power lines, stress monitoring of critical infrastructures like tunnels and bridges are currently under development.